Stay strong! Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Obama family for their tragic loss

Marian Robinson, mother of Michelle Obama, passed away peacefully early Friday morning at 86. Known as the first grandmother during Barack Obama’s presidency, she played a significant role in the White House.

In a statement, the family expressed, “As a mother, she was our backstop, a calm and nonjudgmental witness to our triumphs and stumbles.”

Michelle Obama remembered her mother as her rock, tweeting, “Always there for whatever I needed.”

Robinson was a dedicated grandmother to Sasha and Malia, often participating in family activities but preferring the quiet comfort of her home space. She was fondly remembered for her wisdom and love.

“She relished her role as a grandmother…just as she doted on Avery, Leslie, Austin, and Aaron,” the family wrote, highlighting her devotion.

Billie Jean King and other notable figures shared tributes, expressing their condolences and remembering Robinson’s warm presence. Lin-Manuel Miranda recalled her comforting smile during a White House performance in 2009.