Steve Harvey Brought To His Knees By Contestant’s Inappropriate Answer

The 40-year-old series has produced some hilarious moments, such as the time a contestant blurted out an answer that brought Steve Harvey to his knees (see video below). Most people wouldn’t guess that “Family Feud” is one of the funniest shows on television, but it has produced some hilarious moments.

Name a body part that has grown since you were 16 years old, Harvey prompted the contestant. Such a loaded question is sure to elicit a colorful response, and that is exactly what happened. Secily, one of the contestants, answered right away, “Your penis.”

Harvey remained silent for a moment after she finished speaking, at which point Secily covered her face in shame. Harvey took a knee as they both laughed.

Secily stated, “I used the medical terminology.

A medical term is almost worse, Harvey replied. At the very least, a slang expression would have been “your ‘ding-a-ling,’ something!”