STEVE HARVEY shares tearjerking story about his wife Marjorie – she was once accused of destroying his previous marriage

Steve Harvey, the beloved Family Feud host, shared a touching story about his life and enduring love with his wife, Marjorie. Despite early hardships and ridicule for his stutter, Harvey pursued a career in comedy. He faced homelessness, resorting to theft to survive, with most earnings going to support his ex-wife and children.

In 1985, he began his stand-up comedy journey, enduring many struggles while living in his car. His big break came with Showtime at the Apollo, leading to successes on The Steve Harvey Show and The Original Kings of Comedy. Harvey also became a bestselling author.

In 2007, Harvey’s life transformed when he married Marjorie. Despite allegations that she played a role in his previous marriage’s end, their love remained steadfast. They adopted her three children and jointly run a foundation supporting underprivileged communities and empowering young girls.

At TheGrio Awards, where he received the Television Icon Award, Steve Harvey emotionally celebrated their enduring 18-year-strong marriage, highlighting the profound impact of love and support in overcoming life’s adversities.