Story Of 7-Year-Old Boy Who Spent Years Growing Out Hair For Cancer Patients Takes Sad Turn

Vinny Desautels, a 7-year-old boy from California, who selflessly grew his hair for two years to donate to cancer patients, has been diagnosed with cancer himself.

Vinny endured mockery from peers as he grew his hair to a 13-inch length to support cancer patients and spare them from the challenges of fighting the disease.

Despite facing taunts and being mistaken for a girl, Vinny remained determined, stating, “I’m a boy.”

However, shortly after donating his hair, Vinny complained of knee pain, leading to a devastating discovery. Doctors found a growth around his hips and a bone growth around his eye and cheek.

Doctors say they are still trying to find out what kind of cancer the boy has. In addition to their son’s medical expenses, they are expecting another child.