Strange reason why these blue banana’s grow like this

The Blue Java, often known as the “blue banana,” is a natural fruit with a striking blue color that can be misleading. It grows in humid and sunny regions like Fiji, the Philippines, and Southeast Asia, thriving in temperatures as low as -7°C.

What sets the Blue Java apart is its delicious vanilla flavor and smooth texture, earning it the nickname “ice cream banana” in Hawaii. Despite its blue peel, the flesh inside is pale yellow.

Climate change and snow events have expanded the possibility of growing Blue Java bananas in new areas. Social media is abuzz with excitement about this unique fruit’s mouthwatering blue appearance.

While blue fruits might seem unusual, they’re not as rare as you’d think. Blue-skinned tomatoes, like the OSU Blue, and blue apples from Australia and Tasmania are examples. Blue vanilla, while not actually blue, originates from Reunion Island and is highly sought after by chefs for its unique qualities.

In the case of blue vanilla, the name is a nod to the plant’s reputation for good health among the locals of Reunion Island.