STT12, Bravo! How does a guy who lost 440 pounds look?

With the help of a popular TV show, Casey, an American, lost 200 pounds. But the lucky man soon found himself in a new situation. The American was shocked when he saw himself in the mirror after he had lost weight. Casey had changed a lot. After the man lost a lot of weight, his lines became more noticeable and his face sagged.

Even though he has new problems, Casey is glad he got in shape. The young man will not stay there. “He’ll get plastic surgery and be as good as new.”

“Why did you do that to yourself?” “Good job,” “You did great,”

“You should have stopped sooner and not made yourself look like that,” “Casey, you’re a hero,” “I hope I can lose weight too,” etc.

Internet users wrote in the comments under Casey’s picture, “When I look at you, I realize that all is not lost.”