Supermarket Worker Drops Dead, Staff Cover Up His Body And Stay Open

A shocking incident at a Carrefour Brasil store in Recife, Brazil, has sparked outrage on social media. Manoel Moisés Cavalcante, a 59-year-old sales manager, suffered a fatal heart attack while working in the store, but instead of promptly addressing the situation, his body was left on the shop floor, covered with umbrellas and surrounded by cardboard boxes, as the store continued to operate.

Carrefour Brasil issued an apology for their mishandling of the situation and promised to change their guidelines to mandate store closures in similar cases.

This event highlights the importance of corporate responsibility and compassion, especially during crises. Companies like Carrefour are expected to prioritize human dignity and empathy regardless of the situation.

This incident raises questions about Carrefour’s commitment to handling such situations with greater sensitivity and respect for human life.