Teacher Chides Boy for Being Late, Next Day Old Lady Comes to School and Asks to Meet Him – Story of the Day

On his first day, Mr. Morgan scolded Archie, who came late to class. Archie, facing family troubles, couldn’t meet the teacher’s demands. Mr. Morgan, concerned, visited Archie’s home and learned about his chaotic life. Archie, working to support his family, struggled with studies.

Archie’s grades slipped, and the principal considered expulsion. Mr. Morgan intervened, offering support. He even cooked for Archie’s family to help him focus on studies. A month later, Archie’s grades improved, and the expulsion threat faded.

One day, social workers separated Archie and his brothers from their troubled home, leaving Archie devastated. Resenting the principal, he clung to the belief that the school official was the villain.

Fifteen years later, Archie returned to the school, discovering Mr. Morgan as the new principal. Reconnecting, Archie learned Mr. Morgan had called Child Protective Services for his and his brothers’ welfare.

Emotionally conflicted, Archie acknowledged the painful yet beneficial decision. Grateful for Mr. Morgan’s belief in him, he realized sometimes the hardest choices lead to a better life.