Teen Dies Suddenly At Cheer Camp, Now Parents Are Raising Awareness About Her Cause Of Death

A promising high school junior, Callie Mitchell, tragically passed away at a cheer camp in Texas. Despite CPR efforts, her life ended abruptly due to long QT syndrome, a heart condition that can cause sudden cardiac arrest.

Photo Credit: Morton Ranch High School/Facebook

Callie’s father, Scott Donahue, emphasizes the importance of EKG screenings to detect this condition early, as they are not included in standard athletic physicals in Texas.

Callie’s love for cheering and her vibrant personality left a lasting impression on those who knew her. She aspired to be a child psychologist and was devoted to her faith, family, and friends.

Her untimely death has sparked a mission to raise awareness about the need for EKG screenings in student physicals. Scott Donahue encourages parents to take this life-saving measure seriously.

Callie’s legacy reminds us of the importance of proactive health measures and early detection. As the community mourns her loss, her story serves as a call to action for parents to prioritize their children’s well-being.