Teenagers find a “frozen” creature stuck under the car and rush it to the vet who can’t believe her eyes

Teenagers Jaydon Pettipas and Aidan Hart discovered a distressed sight while strolling in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick. A crowd gathered around an unmoving creature, later identified as a squirrel frozen beneath a car, covered in insulation foam. Uncertain of how to help, the boys fetched a milk crate from a grocery store, realizing the creature needed care.

As the situation worsened, the boys sought advice, eventually involving Jaydon’s mother. Urgently contacting a veterinarian 20 miles away, the boys’ quick action saved the squirrel. Dr. Melanie Eagan of the St. George Veterinary Clinic explained the animal’s limited movement due to the foam covering, emphasizing that prompt intervention prevented a dire outcome.

The veterinarian described the foam as a quick-solidifying material, speculating that the squirrel likely ran through it while wet, becoming distressed. Patiently using rubbing alcohol, she removed the foam from the squirrel’s fur, although some fur loss occurred. The rehabilitated squirrel has since been released back into the wild. The story highlights the boys’ bravery and quick thinking, ultimately saving the distressed creature.