The boy sang the famous singer’s song so well that the judges couldn’t help but dance in their seats

Lisandro Formica, fondly dubbed “Elvisandro,” charmed audiences with his exceptional musical abilities and adoration for Elvis Presley, igniting a journey reminiscent of a modern-day prodigy.

At the tender age of seven, Lisandro’s passion for music blossomed, inspired by the timeless melodies of Presley.

His remarkable journey took flight on The Voice Kids France stage, where he mesmerized audiences with a captivating rendition of Presley’s classics, showcasing both innocence and charisma.

With each note, Lisandro transported listeners through time, earning admiration from judges and audiences alike for his vocal prowess and profound connection to the music.

His masterful interpretation of Presley’s songs left an enduring impression, marking Lisandro as a talent to watch.

As Lisandro continues to refine his craft, he embodies the transformative power of music, proving that age is no barrier to greatness. Through his artistry, he inspires young dreamers to reach for the stars.

Here is the video: