The Duchess of Alba is obsessed with younger men and plastic surgery.

Born into wealth and controversy, Cayetana Fitz-James, the Duchess of Alba, experienced early tragedy, losing her mother as a child. Yet, her father’s love and the turbulent Spanish history of the 1930s shaped her resilience.

Although wealthy, she became known for defying traditions, from her marriages to younger men to undergoing cosmetic procedures. Despite the societal focus on her personal choices, Cayetana’s philanthropy shone. She generously donated to humanitarian causes, reflecting, “She is more than meets the eye.”

Educated in London, she forged valuable connections, notably with Queen Elizabeth II. Her multiple marriages, especially to Alfonso Diez Carabantes, 25 years her junior, garnered significant attention. Facing criticisms like being labeled a “gold digger,” she remained defiant, proving her commitment by settling her children’s inheritance before her last marriage.

Living a lavish life, she was also known for her cosmetic enhancements, though she never publicly acknowledged them. Ultimately, Cayetana’s life story is one of unabashed authenticity, living life by her rules, amid both admiration and scrutiny.