The girl calls the ring given by her grandmother «cheap» and throws it but she doesn’t know the whole truth

As you can see from this article, the grandmother had a lesson of her own to impart to daughter!

The terrible tale of today was told by Margaret, a mother who had always put Emily, her granddaughter, first, giving her all she needed—even a good education—regardless of her financial situation.

Her joy knew no limits when she found out that Emily was getting engaged. On that day, she was quite excited to meet her, so you can only imagine how shocked she was to learn that Emily hadn’t invited her to the engagement celebration.

Nevertheless, she made the decision to go to the wedding and brought an antique red box. Margaret experienced alienation. When it was eventually time to give out the gifts, she went up to her ungrateful granddaughter and gave her the item.

When Emily opened the box, an antique ring was inside. She tossed it after calling it “cheap.” As soon as the ring made contact with the ground, it burst open once more, revealing the most magnificent diamond.

The grandmother’s ostensibly small gift became a legacy and a representation of unwavering love. Everyone in the room became mute. The kid hurried to give her grandmother a hug, hoping to strengthen their enduring relationship.