The Hollywood Sign Mystery Unveiled

Have you ever gazed at the iconic Hollywood sign and noticed an overlooked detail? Jeff Zarrinman, chairman of the Hollywood sign trust, draws attention to a subtle flaw. Focus on the letter “W”—the gap on the left is narrower than on the right. Zarrinman delights in sharing this discovery with visitors, claiming, “Even though visitors spend hours staring at it, they never notice. But once I point out the ‘V’s in the ‘W’ aren’t symmetrical, they’re amazed.”

The Hollywood sign’s history is equally fascinating. In 1923, real estate developer Harry Chandler conceived the sign to attract buyers to the Hollywoodland area. Initially successful, the Great Depression led to neglect. In 1944, the Chamber of Commerce took over, transforming it into the “Hollywood” sign. In 1970, a complete overhaul was initiated, with fundraising efforts led by Zarrinman and support from celebrities like Hugh Hefner and Alice Cooper, who sponsored individual letters.

The Hollywood sign, with its rich history and subtle imperfection, remains a captivating symbol. So, the next time you’re in front of this iconic landmark, take a closer look—there might be something others haven’t noticed.