The Latest Rumor About What Goes On In The Trump’s Bedroom Is Making Headlines

Rumors circulate about the first couple, with a reliable source disclosing Melania’s move to renegotiate her prenuptial agreement upon entering the White House. Simultaneously, media reports speculate about Melania’s post-presidential divorce plans, shedding light on Donald Trump’s separate sleeping arrangements.

Donald Trump and his 46-year-old wife no longer share a bed, opting for different beds even when under the same roof. This development raises concerns about the state of their relationship, given Trump’s controversial history, including the “Grab ’em by the p****” tape and hush money to an adult film star. Melania appears to be gaining the upper hand in their marriage.

Anonymous insiders from the White House confirm their separate bedrooms, stating that Melania’s discontent with the marriage is no secret. She distances herself from Donald and disengages from presidential matters.

Another source corroborates their separate sleeping quarters but mentions they share a room, attempting to frame it positively as a “royal” arrangement. Melania’s official representatives deny these claims…