The most astonishing examples of “Botched” plastic surgery transformations…

“Botched” showcases shocking plastic surgery transformations. Dr. Dubrow advises patients to have realistic expectations, stating, “Plastic surgery is an opportunity to improve your natural appearance.” He warns of the risks and rewards of surgery. Here are some cases:

Rajee received illegal cement injections, leading to facial nodules. After surgeries by Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif, her face improved significantly.
Keara wanted Angelina Jolie-like lips but got silicone injections. She developed granulomas and had her lips repaired.
Twins Lucy and Anna sought symmetry in their surgically enhanced appearances.
Albert had Poland Syndrome and underwent a dangerous procedure in Mexico. Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif gave him a chest implant for improved symmetry.
Luci had a damaged nose due to a motorcycle accident and required surgery for brain aneurysms before nose reconstruction.
Christina’s facial burns left her with a square jaw. The doctors corrected her jawline.
George had forehead scars and three eyebrows after a scooter accident. Dr. Nassif used tissue expanders to repair his forehead and create a more natural appearance.