The teen idol of the 50s who saved his twin boys in the mysterious plane accident that led to his own death

Ricky Nelson, once a beloved teen pop star and fixture on television, rose to fame through the hit sitcom “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet,” created by his parents. Despite his young age, he quickly became a household name alongside his family.

Ricky’s disdain for traditional schooling strained his relationship with his father, who valued education. However, his burgeoning music career brought him financial success early on, making college seem unnecessary.

With chart-topping hits like “I’m Walking” and “Traveling Man,” Ricky’s popularity soared. His marriage to Kristin Harmon, a fellow Hollywood native, added to his familial bliss.

Despite his success, Ricky harbored a deep fear of flying, a sentiment that ultimately saved his sons’ lives. Days before a scheduled flight to Dallas, Ricky had a premonition and decided against flying with his children.

Tragically, the plane Ricky boarded later caught fire mid-flight, resulting in his death and that of the other passengers. The cause of the fire remains a mystery, though speculation and rumors abound.

Ricky’s foresight spared his sons from the tragedy, allowing them to carry on his legacy. Matthew and Gunnar, his twin sons, pursued successful music careers, honoring their father’s memory with their work.

Thirty years later, the origin of the fire remains unknown, but Ricky’s instinctive decision undoubtedly prevented a greater family tragedy.