The Teen Who Died And Came Back To Life Wants Everyone To Know What It Was Like

Liliana, an Arizona teen, shared her remarkable near-death experience on TikTok. After suffering a severe allergic reaction from using drugs for the first time, her brain and heart stopped working. During this ordeal, she underwent a unique afterlife encounter that left her with profound insights.

Liliana lost her senses step by step, from sight to touch, but her hearing remained. She described feeling like a different being outside her body, encountering a tunnel of white light. She recalled, “You leave your body, but it’s not like a hovering over everyone and watching the situation. It’s like you become another being. I can’t f**king describe it.” Another significant quote from her experience was, “The light parts true.”

After consuming a small amount of marijuana, Liliana’s allergic reaction led her to lose cognitive function, eventually collapsing. Paramedics revived her, and as she was pulled back from the brink of death, she experienced leaving her body, encountering a “source” rather than traditional religious depictions.

Despite her belief in God, Liliana rejects human-made interpretations of faith. She emphasized, “I didn’t meet God, there wasn’t heaven and hell, there was source.” She aims to share her experience as a unique perspective on life’s value and the afterlife’s mysteries, encouraging others to appreciate their existence and seek deeper understanding. Her story has resonated with millions, offering an extraordinary glimpse into the unknown.