The Woman With The World’s Biggest Backside Thinks She Knows Why Men Won’t Date Her

29-year-old Swedish model Natasha Crown has undergone multiple plastic surgeries to achieve the world’s biggest backside. Despite her popularity and success, Crown revealed that she hasn’t had luck in love for seven years. Men are reportedly intimidated by her extreme body modifications.

In a YouTube show called Hooked on the Look, Crown went on a blind date to win a potential partner’s heart. She expressed that her personality combined with her body and modifications can be overwhelming for men.

Crown is determined to reach her goal of achieving the world record for the largest butt. She’s spent around $150,000 on surgeries so far and plans to continue. However, her extreme appearance has scared off potential partners, leading to her single status.

During the blind date, her date admitted feeling shocked by her appearance and stated they were from “two different worlds.” Despite this, Crown remains confident, understanding that not everyone can handle her unique look and personality.

Crown’s pursuit of a record-breaking backside and her appearance on the YouTube show have sparked discussions about beauty standards and the impact of extreme body modifications on personal relationships.