This baby was born with a lot of hair

Alexis Bartlett, a newborn from Sydney, Australia, is making headlines due to her extraordinary hair. An ultrasound revealed that she had a full head of hair just weeks after conception, which is much earlier than the typical one to two years it takes for most babies to grow hair. At six months old, Alexis has shoulder-length hair that’s the envy of many.

Alexis’ parents were surprised when they saw the ultrasound, showing hair not only on her head but also on her forehead and back, and even her buttocks. This unique trait runs in the family, as Alexis’ mother also had thick hair at birth, making them look alike.

Recently, Alexis turned heads at the beach with her lush locks. Having a lot of hair on a newborn may be uncommon, but it offers advantages.

It provides natural warmth and protection for sensitive skin in cold weather, requires less brushing, and allows for creative hairstyles as the baby grows.

Baby hair care products are available for those with thicker manes. While having a lot of hair doesn’t guarantee a model-like appearance, it’s a blessing that should be embraced. So, celebrate your baby’s fantastic gift of more locks!