This is Lizzie Velásquez in 2023

Lizzie Velásquez’s life is a testament to strength and resilience. Born with Marfan syndrome and lipodystrophy, rare conditions affecting her appearance and health, she endured childhood bullying and the hurtful label of “The Ugliest Woman in the World.”

Encouraged by her parents, Lizzie pursued her dreams, earning a Communication degree from Texas State University and becoming an inspirational speaker. Her 2003 TED Talk, which went viral, emphasized the significance of not letting appearance determine one’s worth.

Despite ongoing hurtful comments and social media targeting, Lizzie remains a steadfast advocate. She urges parents to teach respect and discourage judgment based on looks, recognizing that everyone faces unique challenges.

“Loving God and being open to him will change your life. Even the smallest step toward God will be rewarded by his grace.”
― Lizzie Velásquez, Be Beautiful, Be You