This legendary actress never wanted a funeral, memorial, or grave marking after she died

Doris Day, the beloved Hollywood icon, passed away two years ago at 97. Known for over 650 songs and nearly 30 films, she left an indelible mark on music and cinema, winning honors like the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Recently, it was revealed that Day chose not to have a traditional burial or memorial. Close friend Bob Bashara explained, “She didn’t like death,” especially as it concerned her pets.

Day’s compassion extended beyond her career; she was a dedicated animal rights activist. Her foundation raised millions for animal welfare, reflecting her belief that her voice was “God-given.”

Despite her fame, Day remained modest and grounded. She drifted from organized religion but remained spiritual, believing her talent was a gift from a higher power.

Her reluctance for a funeral puzzled some, but Bashara attributes it to her shy nature. Kaley Cuoco is set to portray Day in a TV series, highlighting Day’s legacy beyond her artistic achievements.

Financial struggles and a distaste for television marked her later years, but her passion for animal advocacy endured. In her final wishes, she chose cremation, with her estate benefiting charity, a testament to her selfless nature.