This May Go Down As The Worst Guess In Wheel Of Fortune History

A recent contestant on Wheel of Fortune has gained attention for what may be one of the worst guesses in the show’s history. The contestant, named Matt, had successfully guessed a letter, giving him an advantage on the board. However, his subsequent attempt at solving the puzzle was so outlandish that it has become memorable.

Though the second word began with the letter “N,” Matt blurted out his answer: “The Best Buttercup.” This answer bore no resemblance to the actual puzzle, which was “The Next Generation.” Host Pat Sajak’s evident disapproval was captured on camera.

Despite this erroneous guess, Matt performed well overall and emerged as the winner, taking home a substantial prize. This incident highlighted his willingness to take risks, even if the result was far from correct.

Twitter users reacted with amusement and disbelief, sharing their reactions to Matt’s peculiar guess. While some questioned his success in the game, others found humor in the situation and expressed astonishment that he ultimately won.

This memorable moment showcased the unpredictability and entertainment value that game shows like Wheel of Fortune offer to their audiences.