This prediction was made by Paul Harvey in 1965. Now listen to His Terrifying Words…

In 1965, Paul Harvey made a prediction that holds significance today. During my childhood in the 1970s, I worked on my father’s farm and listened to Paul Harvey on a little radio during lunch breaks. His voice now evokes memories of those summers.

Paul Harvey’s influence was immense, with up to 24 million weekly listeners and broadcasts on numerous radio and newspaper platforms from 1952 to 2008. His famous segment, “The Rest of the Story,” captivated generations with his soothing voice and profound insights.

Harvey also penned an article that evolved over the years, containing thought-provoking predictions. He believed that God would guide us through challenging times, a message of enduring relevance. One notable broadcast, “Letter From God,” resonated deeply with his audience, emphasizing trust in God’s providence.

His iconic “God Made A Farmer” broadcast, brought to life by Ram Truck, celebrated the farmer’s role as God’s caretaker of the Earth. Paul Harvey’s enduring wisdom continues to inspire reflection in today’s fast-paced world.