This woman was walking through the park when she observed something on the ground that caused her to freeze

Regan Daniels was walking in a North Carolina park when she stumbled upon something extraordinary: the Dead Man’s Fingers fungus, also known as Xylaria polymorpha. Captivated, she captured the moment in photographs and shared them on the Mushroomcore Facebook group, astonishing its 30,000 members.

“Saw this Dead Man’s Fingers, fungus that I literally thought was a Halloween decoration!” exclaimed Regan in her post. The fungus, resembling swollen, black fingers emerging from the ground, is found worldwide, often on decaying wood in forests.

Despite skepticism about the images’ authenticity, these eerie mushrooms are indeed real. Regan, who frequently visits the park near the French Broad River, found these particular specimens in exceptional condition.

Although the Dead Man’s Fingers fungus isn’t typically considered edible, its striking appearance and mysterious presence continue to intrigue and inspire nature enthusiasts like Regan.