Tom Brady and 76-year-old actress Sally Field seem to have found each other, and now the legendary football star is responding to a set of wild romance rumors…

Legendary football star Tom Brady responds to wild romance rumors involving actress Sally Field. Former teammate Rob Gronkowski playfully suggested a potential match during their sports comedy “80 For Brady.” Gronkowski, retired since 2021, jokingly asked Brady if he considered dating Field after their on-camera chemistry, to which Brady responded, “We did have kind of an on-camera little thing going on… We really enjoyed our time together. So, we’ll see where it goes from here.”

Gronkowski, teasingly, mentioned Brady’s scene with Jane Fonda, and Brady playfully acknowledged it was “really spicy.” The banter unfolded on the SiriusXM podcast.

“80 For Brady,” produced by Brady’s 199 Productions, follows four friends traveling to watch the 2017 Super Bowl. Brady’s off-the-field life recently saw the end of his long-standing marriage to Gisele Bündchen in October 2022. Amidst rumors, Brady remains lighthearted about potential romances.