Tom Hanks Reveals He’s Living With Horrible Disease, Blames Himself

Renowned actor Tom Hanks has candidly discussed his diabetes diagnosis, taking personal responsibility for acquiring the condition. Hanks admitted that his poor eating habits, influenced by the American diet, played a significant role in his diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes.

Hanks acknowledged being part of a generation that overlooked the consequences of dietary choices, leading to health issues later in life. He connected his weight fluctuations for movie roles like “Castaway” and “Philadelphia” with his diabetes diagnosis.

The actor’s initial attempts at healthier eating, such as removing buns from cheeseburgers, proved ineffective. Hanks realized that managing diabetes required more than simple changes.

Despite his diagnosis, Hanks received hope from his doctor, who suggested that achieving a target weight could potentially reverse his Type 2 diabetes. However, Hanks admitted that reaching his high school weight was unlikely.

Tom Hanks’ openness about his diabetes journey highlights the importance of lifestyle choices and the challenges of managing health conditions.