Transgender man hits out at nurses who called him ‘mom’ after giving birth

In today’s world, using someone’s preferred name and pronouns is crucial for showing respect for their identity. Yet, outdated norms and ignorance often lead to misgendering, as Bennett Kaspar-Williams experienced.

In October 2020, Bennett, then identifying as male, welcomed their son Hudson with husband Malik. Despite Bennett’s identification, hospital staff repeatedly misgendered them, referring to Bennett as a mother rather than a father.

Bennett’s journey began in 2011 when they realized they were transgender. Transitioning in 2014, Bennett opted for top surgery but not procedures on the lower body. During pregnancy, Bennett faced the challenge of medical staff assuming gender and mislabeling them.

Despite specifying their gender on medical forms, Bennett continued to be misgendered. This experience led Bennett to advocate for disconnecting womanhood from motherhood, emphasizing the importance of recognizing that childbirth isn’t tied to gender identity.

Expressing distress over being misgendered during childbirth, Bennett stressed the need to redefine womanhood beyond motherhood. They highlighted the misconception that all women can become mothers and that all who carry children are mothers.

Bennett’s journey underscores the complexity of identity and the importance of respecting self-identification. By separating bodily functions from gender notions, Bennett’s story advocates for a more inclusive approach to parenthood and gender identity.