Travis Kelce said 3 words to Taylor Swift after winning the Super Bowl – and it confirms what we all knew

Amidst the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory, attention turned to Travis Kelce’s interaction with Taylor Swift, confirming their speculated romance. Swift, supporting her boyfriend in Las Vegas, joined him on the field post-game.

Kelce, after celebrating with teammates, embraced his mother before turning to Swift, beckoning her with three simple words, “Come here, girl.” Their affectionate exchange, including multiple kisses, was captured by cameras, symbolizing their shared joy.

When questioned about their relationship, Kelce dismissed doubters with humor, declaring, “You’re all crazy.” He emphasized their genuine connection and mutual support, expressing hope that others see their relationship positively.

Kelce’s remarks on a talk show earlier hinted at their bond, highlighting Swift’s support during games. Despite external scrutiny, they remain focused on enjoying their time together. Their public embrace marks a highlight in a fantastic year for Kelce.