Trump Shares Mugshot Meme Amidst Controversy

Donald Trump has shared a meme on his Truth Social platform that features his police mugshot surrounded by CGI guns, each labeled with words representing his perceived adversaries. The meme, reposted after his appearance at a Georgia county jail, illustrates his belief that he’s under attack from politically-motivated forces aiming to undermine his 2024 White House bid. Words like ‘Soros’, ‘pedophiles’, ‘Democrats’, and ‘fake news’ adorn the guns.

Trump Post meme of his MUG SHOT on Truth-Social

The image also includes terms like ‘indictment’, ‘globalists’, ‘FBI’, and ‘deep state’, with the message ‘NEVER SURRENDER! WE STAND UNITED WITH TRUMP!’ framing the scene. This comes after Trump became the first former president to pose for a mugshot following his recent visit to the Fulton County Jail in Georgia.