Unbelievable! You Won’t Believe What This Woman Can Do with Her 4-Inch Tongue!

Adrianne Lewis, an 18-year-old from Twin Lake, Michigan, claims to have the world’s longest tongue at 4 inches. She gained global recognition after a viral photo of her sticking out her tongue. Her tongue can touch her nose, chin, elbow, and even her eye. Adrianne is in talks with Guinness World Records to confirm her record, which surpasses the current record holder, Nick Stoeberl, at 3.9 inches.

Adrianne believes her long tongue may be inherited but also credits her childhood habit of sticking it out often. She submitted her claim to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not at 13, and they expressed interest, featuring her in their books.

She started a YouTube channel to showcase her tongue tricks, gaining viewers from around the world. While she receives positive feedback, she also faces inappropriate comments from internet trolls. Her boyfriend, Tim Hegedus, defends her and urges people to appreciate the person behind the extraordinary tongue.