Unknown man leaves a water bottle on the bonnet of this woman’s car, prompting her to issue a chilling warning.

In a chilling TikTok video, American Haley West recounted a disturbing incident resembling “kidnapping methods” she encountered outside a shopping center. A man, after calling out to her, claimed her car was his and insisted she inspect it. Unnerved, she sought help from a passerby and, upon returning, found a water bottle on her car hood.

In a cautionary message, she urged women to stay vigilant, stating, “you should always be mindful of your surroundings.” A viewer suggested a sinister motive, explaining, “to convince you to get out of your vehicle and steal whatever is on top.” Haley’s video went viral, prompting a follow-up where a Canadian TikTok user shared a similar cautionary tale.

In Canada, a woman found a mysterious message on her trash can, initially puzzled by the symbols. It turned out to signify “one female,” possibly indicating she lived alone.

The police advised caution, emphasizing personal safety in unsettling situations. These incidents highlight the importance of awareness for personal safety, particularly for women.