Usher Marries Longtime Partner in Intimate Ceremony Just after Super Bowl Performance: Details & Pics

Usher, the Grammy-winning artist, celebrated a landmark moment by marrying his longtime partner, Jennifer Goicoechea, in an intimate ceremony in Las Vegas on February 11, the same day as his historic Super Bowl LVIII halftime show performance.

The couple, who have been together since 2019 and share two children, Sovereign Bo and Sire Castrello, exchanged vows at Vegas Weddings’ Terrace Gazebo. The outdoor venue, capable of hosting 30 guests, provided a picturesque setting for their special day, with Usher’s mother, Jonetta Patton, serving as the witness.

The wedding, attended by close friends and family, marks a new chapter for Usher and Goicoechea, who look forward to continuing their life together and raising their children. Following the ceremony, Usher was seen wearing a gold band on his left ring finger during public appearances in Las Vegas. Melody Willis-Williams, president of Vegas Weddings, expressed joy for the couple, congratulating them on their marriage and Usher’s successful performance.