Vegan Influencer Dies Suddenly At A Young Age

Vegan influencer Zhanna Samsonova’s recent passing sheds light on the dangers of fruitarianism, an extreme vegan diet centered on raw fruits like apples and bananas. Zhanna, known as Zhanna D’Art online, died at 39 due to a ‘cholera-like infection’ worsened by ‘exhaustion from a vegan diet,’ her mother revealed. Following this strict fruitarian regimen for five years, she occasionally practiced ‘dry fasting,’ abstaining from food and drink.

Fruitarianism’s popularity is growing, with claims of aiding digestion, boosting energy, and detoxifying. However, its health risks must not be overlooked. Malnutrition is a key concern, as fruits lack vital nutrients, potentially causing weight loss, muscle breakdown, and dry skin. High fruit sugar levels can harm teeth and collagen production, while vitamin deficiencies may lead to weakened immunity, anemia, and osteomalacia.

Excess fruit fiber can lead to digestive discomfort. To avoid risks, consult experts before adopting a fruitarian diet. Zhanna’s case underscores the importance of balanced diets, prioritizing health over extreme restrictions.