Vegan woman sued neighbors for barbecuing meat in their backyard – she claimed it was ‘deliberate’

Vegan Cilla Carden took her noisy neighbors to court in Perth, Australia, claiming their BBQ and basketball playing in their backyard disrupted her life. Carden said, “I haven’t been able to sleep. It has been devastating, turbulent, and unsettling.” She accused them of deliberately causing her discomfort. After her initial claims were dismissed, she appealed to the Supreme Court but was unsuccessful.

However, her neighbors found a solution. They stopped their children from playing basketball and removed their BBQ. A Facebook event for a neighborhood BBQ in response to the lawsuit drew 24,000 attendees, but it was delayed due to police warnings and legal threats from Carden’s lawyer.

Despite the controversy, Carden’s lawyer clarified that she has “no issue with people eating meat and no objection to people having barbecues.”