Victoria Matosa Overcomes Bullying, Thrives as Model

Victoria Matosa, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, faced adversity due to Lipoedema, a condition causing abnormal fat buildup in the legs. This led to mobility issues and being mockingly labeled a “penguin.” She recalled: “I always had thick legs, but it started to get worse after [I started getting] my period… I started to avoid going to the beach and only [wore] leggings and jeans… distancing myself from friends out of embarrassment.”

Her diagnosis in February 2023 was a turning point towards self-acceptance, understanding her condition was out of her hands. Speaking on her past attempts to combat online bullying, Victoria said, “Due to bullying and pressure… I tried many restrictive diets, which resulted in me binge-eating.”

Today, having overcome immense challenges, Victoria Matosa stands tall as a successful model.