Waitress Gets ‘$0’ Tip On ‘$187’ Bill, Turns Heads After Making Facebook Post In Response

A waitress in Colorado utilized social media to shed light on the significance of tipping in the service industry.

Taylar Cordova, who had received no tip on a $187.43 bill, shared a photo of the receipt on Facebook along with an impassioned message about the challenges of working as a server.

Cordova’s post not only addressed the specific customer but also aimed to educate anyone who overlooks tipping. She emphasized the financial strain servers face when customers neglect to provide proper gratuity. Cordova highlighted the direct impact on a server’s ability to cover basic necessities and provide for their families.

Her words were supported by the U.S. Department of Labor, which states that employers are only required to pay tipped employees a minimum of $2.13 per hour if their total earnings, including tips, equal the federal minimum wage.

Cordova concluded her post with a straightforward recommendation: “Don’t even bother walking into a restaurant if you can’t afford to tip.” This message resonated widely, with over 15,000 social media shares, underscoring the importance of acknowledging the hard work of service industry employees through proper tipping.