Watch adorable moment little girl tries to befriend cat

This is a heartwarming and adorable story of a 2-year-old girl named Dawsy in Gresham, Oregon, stepping out of her comfort zone to befriend her neighbors’ cat. It’s delightful to see her build up the courage to approach the cat and say hi. The fact that she even attempts a “meow” to connect with the cat is both cute and relatable.

The twist in the story, where Dawsy decides she’s actually more of a dog person and runs away, adds a humorous touch. It’s clear that her actions amused her mother, Kristin Zimmerman, who shared the video on Instagram with a caption that humorously suggests that, deep down, Dawsy may prefer dogs but is following her mother’s teaching to be nice to neighbors, including their cat.

These kinds of lighthearted and genuine moments between children and animals often resonate with people, bringing joy and laughter. It’s a reminder of the innocence and curiosity of childhood and the simple pleasures found in everyday interactions.