We send our condolences and prayers to the family of the legendary actress Jennifer Aniston in light of their awful loss

Actress Jennifer Aniston paid a heartfelt tribute to her father, John Aniston, who recently passed away peacefully. Sharing cherished photos and memories, Jennifer expressed enduring love for her dad, saying, “Make sure to stop by.”

Born in Crete in 1933, John Aniston had a remarkable acting career that spanned decades. He was best known for his role as Victor Kiriakis on the popular soap opera “Days of Our Lives,” captivating audiences until 2022 when his character’s storyline ended.

Jennifer Aniston, who received a Lifetime Achievement Award in June 2022, used the occasion to honor her father’s own contributions to television. She praised his dedication to acting, highlighting the profound significance of his lifelong career.

In these challenging times, thoughts and prayers are with Jennifer Aniston and her family as they navigate the loss of John Aniston, a beloved father and esteemed actor.