We Unearthed the Full Version of the 9/11 Commercial, Aired Only Once

The anniversary of 9/11 always evokes profound emotions, and a poignant advertisement, aired just once, captures this sentiment. In this Budweiser commercial, the iconic Clydesdales pay tribute to the lives lost on that tragic day.

The ad opens with horses galloping through a field, gearing up before pulling a wagon away from a barn. They journey through a snowy countryside, captivating spectators as they pass by.

Transitioning to a cityscape, the horses cross the Brooklyn Bridge into New York City, with the skyline looming ahead. A close-up of one Clydesdale’s face precedes a stunning view of the Statue of Liberty.

As the music intensifies, the horses bow before the landmark, leaving viewers profoundly touched. Originally aired during Super Bowl XXXVI on February 3, 2002, the commercial remains a poignant reminder, resurfacing online annually on the anniversary.

Watch Below: