Wendy Williams Son Fights to Save His Mother amid Her Aphasia Diagnosis – Inside Their Relationship

Wendy Williams, a well-known television personality, faces serious health challenges, including primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia (FTD), diagnosed after battling Graves’ Disease and Lymphedema. Amidst her health struggles, Wendy’s son, Kevin Hunter Jr., has been an unwavering source of support. Their bond, historically strong and close, has been put to the test as Wendy contends with her conditions, which affect her cognitive functions, communication skills, and behavior.

Kevin Jr. has expressed deep concerns about the handling of his mother’s care, fearing exploitation by her team due to her fame and wealth, and compromised ability to make sound decisions. He accused them of prioritizing profit over her well-being, especially after Wendy was placed under guardianship in 2022. This guardianship, according to Kevin Jr., has not only jeopardized her mental and physical health but also led to decisions he believes Wendy would not have approved of if she were fully capable.

The relationship dynamics have further been strained by legal threats and management issues, complicating their interactions and communication.