What happened to Ann Curry after a 25-year career at NBC News?

Early Life and NBC Beginnings:
Ann Curry, now 67, began her journalism journey in 1978 as an intern at KTVL in Oregon, swiftly rising to become the station’s first female news reporter. Following successful stints at KGW in Portland and a CBS affiliate in Los Angeles, she won two Emmy Awards.

NBC Career and Departure:
In 1990, Curry joined NBC News, eventually becoming the news anchor on Today and co-anchor of Dateline NBC. Despite her accomplishments, in June 2012, she left Today, leaving the reasons unclear. Although she stayed with NBC News until January 2015, Curry’s departure marked an emotional and public turning point in her career.

Life After NBC:
Post-NBC, Curry’s impact continued as she founded a multi-platform media company, produced the PBS series We’ll Meet Again, gave a TED Talk on restoring trust in journalism, and hosted TNT’s Chasing the Cure. In 2022, she received the Murrow Lifetime Achievement Award for her impactful journalism, especially in war zones and natural disasters.

Current Ventures and Reflection:
Recently, Curry participated in PBS Arts Talk with Min Jin Lee, the author of “Pachinko.” Despite her minimal social media presence, she resurfaced after a year and a half with a wintry photo, sharing, “Good morning world. Keep safe and cozy. ‘The woods are lovely, dark and deep…'”. Ann Curry’s career remains a testament to her enduring commitment to journalism and storytelling.