What Judge Judy said on live television about the situation following her mini-stroke

Judge Judy, known as Judy Sheindlin, faced an unexpected moment during a live presentation in 2011. She believes it was a transient ischemic attack (TIA). Viewers quickly noticed and called 911, though Judy initially discouraged them.

Despite her doctors’ concerns, Judy recovered quickly, assuring her fans she was in good health. She emphasized her unwavering energy and continued her work.

Regarding the idea of retiring from television, Judy remains persistent and focused on her passions: “Why would I try to learn something completely new at this point when I already know what brings me joy?”

Judy and Jerry Sheindlin, married for 45 years, have a strong bond, even after a brief separation early in their marriage. Their enduring love shines brightly in their private life, away from the spotlight.