What the noseless girl looks like nowadays

Tessa, the Irish baby born without a nose, has defied the odds since her birth. Her parents made the courageous choice not to terminate the pregnancy when they learned of her condition. At four years old, Tessa has undergone multiple surgeries to improve her quality of life.

However, Tessa’s challenges extend beyond her missing nose. She is also deaf, and recently she lost vision in one eye due to surgery. Despite these hardships, Tessa remains a happy child who treasures the love and care of her devoted parents and siblings.

Tessa’s mother holds out hope that as time passes, medical advancements will continue to make her daughter’s life more manageable. It’s a story that highlights resilience and determination, where love conquers adversity. As Bored Daddy expresses, “Tessa, we wish you only the best life brings.”

Tessa’s journey serves as a reminder of the incredible strength of the human spirit and the profound impact of unwavering love and support from family.