Why You Should Stop Ordering Lemon Water At Restaurants

Ordering lemon water at restaurants might seem like a healthy choice, but studies suggest it could be more harmful than beneficial. Research highlighted by ABC News revealed that lemons used in restaurants might be contaminated with harmful germs, including human fecal matter. This contamination is attributed to improper handling, such as restaurant employees grabbing lemons with their bare hands without gloves or tongs, and potentially not washing their hands properly after restroom use.

Further investigation in the Journal of Environmental Health involving 76 lemons from 21 different restaurants found that nearly 70% of the lemon samples were covered in microbes and bacteria, including E. coli, which is known to cause serious health issues. These findings underscore the potential health risks associated with consuming lemon water in restaurants due to the prevalence of bacteria on lemon wedges.

Given the significant risk of contamination and the presence of harmful bacteria on lemons served in restaurants, it might be safer to avoid ordering water with lemon while dining out. To reduce the risk of encountering germs, it’s advised to wash your hands before eating and consider sticking to plain water or bringing your own clean, sliced lemons if you prefer lemon-flavored water.