Wife notices that her husband isn’t dressed for church.

A couple prepares for church one Sunday. As they finish breakfast, the wife notices her husband’s lack of readiness.

“Why aren’t you dressed for church?” she asks.

He responds, “Simple. I’m not going.”

Curious, she presses, “Why not?”

He explains, “I have three good reasons. First, the church is too cold in the morning. Second, I feel unwelcome; people gossip about me. And third, I just don’t feel like it.”

Unconvinced, she counters, “I have three reasons why you should go. First, it’s warm there. Second, there are people who like you. And third, you’re the minister.”

In this humorous exchange, a husband tries to avoid church, citing the cold, gossip, and his mood. His wife, however, points out the warmth, support, and his professional obligation. It highlights the comical realities of family dynamics and the responsibilities of clergy members.