Wild Mouse Goes Through “Rehab” After Eating Cannabis Plant

In New Brunswick, Canada, where cannabis is legal, a humorous incident occurred involving a mouse found amidst cannabis plants, seemingly stoned and passed out. Owner Colin Sullivan noticed the mouse nibbling on cannabis leaves before finding it lying on its leaf heap, completely knocked out.

Sullivan captured the mouse, humorously referring to it as a “pothead” on social media. He updated followers on the mouse’s progress, documenting its “rehabilitation” process and eventual release back into the wild.

The posts about the “stoner mouse” went viral, attracting thousands of shares and comments filled with laughter and appreciation. Amidst the humor, Sullivan also shared a heartfelt tribute to his wife, expressing gratitude for her support in his journey to sobriety.

Cannabis’s legal status in New Brunswick is part of a broader framework in Canada, with regulations varying by province. In New Brunswick, individuals must be 19 to consume cannabis, and it can only be sold by licensed retailers. The government emphasizes public health education and responsible consumption within the legal framework.