Woman afraid she’d never find love welcomes baby girl with husband

Karine de Souza suffers from xeroderma pigmentosum, a rare condition that makes her highly sensitive to direct sunlight and elevates her risk of skin cancer. This has confined her mostly indoors and led to over 200 surgeries, including removals of her lower lip and nose tip

. Despite her challenges, Karine shared, “I later end up with lesions on my skin which need to be surgically removed” if exposed to sunlight. She once feared she’d “never find love” due to her condition. But in 2018, she met Edmilson via social media.

The couple, after marrying, welcomed a baby daughter recently, with Karine expressing on Instagram she had “everything I always dreamed and wanted.” While they face online criticism, the birth of their daughter Zaya brings immense joy. Many congratulate the couple, commenting Zaya looks like her dad, and admire Karine’s resilience against online trolls.