Woman Comes to Adopt a Kid and Sees Her Late Son There – Story of the Day

Phoebe, still grieving the loss of her son Ian in a car accident, considers adoption years later. During a dream, she sees a boy named Alex who looks eerily familiar to Ian. Taking it as a sign, Phoebe decides to pursue adoption. After meeting with Diya, a social worker, Phoebe is introduced to Alex, who she connects with despite their differences. Adjusting to their new life together, Phoebe fears scrutiny during a mandatory house visit by Diya. Despite her worries, Phoebe and Alex’s bond is genuine. However, doubts resurface when Diya questions the prominence of Ian’s pictures and Alex’s attentiveness. Phoebe is called before the adoption agency’s board to address concerns about replacing Ian. With Diya’s support, Phoebe defends her commitment to Alex, emphasizing their unique connection. The board ultimately approves their relationship, and Phoebe creates a special space in their home for Alex’s memories. The story concludes with a sense of belonging and love as Phoebe and Alex openly discuss their pasts and create a cherished corner in their living room.