Woman complains her butt does not fit into plane seat – ‘bodies are changing planes should too!’

Gracie, a 26-year-old blogger known for her curvy figure, recently highlighted a common issue faced by many: airplane seats. In an Instagram video, she expressed frustration over the discomfort curvy individuals face due to cramped seats and small seatbelts. She emphasized that modern bodies require updated plane designs, stating, “It’s 2024. Bodies are changing, so planes should too.”

Gracie’s plea for larger seats garnered mixed reactions. While some criticized her, suggesting she buy two seats or questioning her surgical history, others supported her call for more accommodating seats and seatbelts.

Gracie, who has been candid about her tummy tuck surgery, defended her stance, emphasizing her desire to care for her body. Despite the debate, her message resonated with many who share similar experiences.

The viral video sparked a crucial discussion about inclusivity in air travel, highlighting the need for airlines to consider diverse body types when designing seating arrangements.